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A Masterclass in Mindset—Aging is a mental as well as a physical process. This makes mindset one of the most powerful tools in the peak performance aging tool kit. In this masterclass, you’ll learn how the wrong mindset can send you to an early grave, while the right one can add productive, healthy, high-flow years to your life.

(Time: 90 minutes)

A Guide to the Superpowers of Aging—Scientists used to believe that mental decline was an inevitable byproduct of aging. Gene Cohen—the godfather of peak performance aging—proved otherwise. Rather than a loss of function, Cohen discovered that, if we properly train the brain, we gain access to legitimate cognitive superpowers in the second half of our lives. Want to significantly increase intelligence, creativity, empathy and wisdom in your later years? This guide explores the superpowers of aging.

(Time: 15 minutes)

The Brutal Math Vlog + Peak Performance Aging Calculator—Nothing is more precious than time—and this is especially true in the second half of our lives. The Brutal Math and the PPA Calculator are peak performance tools that free up your schedule while helping you improve your life. This is one-stop shopping for more time, greater fortitude, better problem-solving, and an overall mood boost.

(Time: 20 minutes)

The PPA Calculator—a time management tool for seriously improving the quality of our lives.

A Book Junky’s Guide to Peak Performance Aging—In this detailed review of nine major peak performance aging texts, you’ll meet top researchers, see how their work influenced Gnar Country, and learn about core discoveries that can seriously improve the second half of your life.  

(Length: 13 pages)

Gnar Country PPA Cheat Sheet—A PDF infographic detailing the most crucial peak performance aging ideas from the past century. Want to kick butt until you kick the bucket? This single cheat sheet is all you need to kick aging’s ass.

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